free phone calls from italy to uk

November 22, 2007

since today, I always used Skype to call landline and mobile phones in the uk: it is much cheaper than any italian telephone company.

but from today, I’m going with something else: VoipWise and VoipBuster.

here is a comparison of the rates to call the uk:

  • Skype
    • landline: 0.020 eur/min
    • mobile: 0.236 eur/min
  • VoipWise
    • landline: FREE
    • mobile: 0.100 eur/min
  • VoipBuster
    • landline: 0.010 eur/min
    • mobile: 0.180 eur/min

VoipWise is the winner!!! now I can call uk for free!

I wonder how long it will last…

One Response to “free phone calls from italy to uk”

  1. ray Says: is offering 5$ free credit when you signup, that is up to free 300 minutes of talk time. This can be used to make about 100 minutes to landline or 125 minutes to cell phones in India, or 263 minutes to Italy & most of Europe, or 50 minutes to Philippines.
    To avail the free offers, just create an account by entering your email address and password here. You will be able to register up to 5 phone numbers which won’t require any pin to enter while calling. Confirm your email and for calling purpose you need to enter your Credit Card information to verify and avoid fake registrations. Your credit card will not be charged for your Free Trial and it uses secure http(s) protocol for registrations.
    Just dial one of their access numbers, and then enter your destination number. It has access numbers in about 17 countries. After finishing the free minutes, you have an option to buy some credit and the call rates are very competitive (India at 4cents/minute). is a pretty good deal.

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