August 30, 2006

henry cartier-bresson

sometimes people find you.

sunday, i saw a documentary about henri cartier-bresson. i must admit i had never heard about him: photography has never been an interest for me.
but his photographs were mesmerizing.
when, walking in the city center, thinking about decisive moments and how to picture them, i stopped in front of an exhibition. it was about photography. it was about henri cartier-bresson. from never heard before, to be met twice in a day. shouldn’t we follow coincidences?

i like his philosophy: photograph is like an instant painting. the most important thing is the instant: the “decisive moment”.

even if he was a reporter, he was convinced that reporting is not art. it’s too much about informing. it’s for everyone. art is different, for few should like it.

his photos inspired many people.

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