strange beautiful music

April 7, 2006

a friend of mine gave me this link:

if i had to define it i would probably say: it’s a customizable thematic web-jukebox. you just put the name of a musician you like and the system plays songs with the same “feel”: great way to learn new songs!

an example: the “led zeppelin radio” transmits led zeppelin (of course!), jimi hendrix (because of extensive vamping and heavy instrumental improvvisation), free (because of electric guitar reefs and solos), rory gallagher (because of vocal-centric aestethic), nazareth, judas priest, …

ah, it’s free.

2 Responses to “strange beautiful music”

  1. Emanuele Says:

    Yeah, that really some good stuff.
    I believe that the radio stations based on single songs work even better if you want to keep the mood of the station more or less constant.
    Oh… another tip. Try creating a radio station based on “Zero 7″… lovely music to work or study! Credits for this one go to Trond 🙂

  2. lbolla Says:

    cheers mate, your suggestions are always welcome!

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